Picual Variety


100 % Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Maximum acidity 0.4 % from Southern Spain.  Established in 1969, La Carrera Cooperative has its roots in city of Ubeda, a designated world heritage site by the United Nations because of its cultural and historical significance.  The city lies within the very heart of the province of Jean, in the autonomous community of Andalucía, southern Spain.  Situated in a well-water olive-growing region, the agricultural economy mainly works with olive cultivation.  Picual olive varietal is the most widely cultivated olive in Spain, comprising about 50 % of Spain’s olive production.  It has a strong but sweet flavor.  Picual trees are estimated to account for 25 % of all olive oil production in the world.  This varietal is very high in oil content, 20-27% by weight.


The tree is very vigorous. The fruiting branches have short internodes and are light gray in color. The leaf is medium-sized, short and narrow. The color of the front is green, while the color of the back is grayish green .


When ripened, the fruit is black, of medium size, and with an elliptical, asymmetrical shape. The apex is pointed. The maximum cross section is circular to elliptical and centered. The pulp / bone ratio is medium-high.


The seed is elongated to elliptical and asymmetrical. The surface is rugged, with seven to ten uniformly distributed fibrovascular grooves. The base is pointed or rounded and the apex is pointed. The latter does not contain musilage. The maximum cross-section is circular to elliptical and centered.



Blessed with plentiful sunshine with excellent soil conditions and a temperate climate the company has become a principle producer of premium olive oil in the region.  The exact moment of ripeness is precisely determined by the Farmers who are also cooperative members and vested with La Carrera.  The olives are picked by hand and carried to the Mill where they’re cleaned and processed within hours.  The result is an amazing good and unique product.


La Carrera cooperative under no circumstance intermingle varietal Picual with other olive varietals.  The product is 100 % certified and comes with a verified Agri-Food Laboratory analysis, a Governmental certification of sanitation, traceability as well as it’s designating label seal of origin and agricultural integrity.



The data given below are mean values. We import extra virgin olive oil of great stability that has characteristics that are  fruity and aromatic, with a slight bitterness and a little spicy taste.

Acidic Composition
Palmitic Acid10.87
Stearic Acid3.26
Oleic acid78.10
Linoleic acid4.64
Other Features
Mono / Polyunsaturated Ratio14.96
Total polyphenols, such as caffeic acid496
Total Tocophenols, such as alpha-tocophenol 284
Stability at 98.8 ° C, 209.84 ° F133